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 The Sight Seeing Automobile Coach of Washington


Louise M. Neff, 11 

On the morning of December 20th, we left Broadway on the 6a.m. train for Washington, arriving at Union Station in the Capital City at 10:30 a.m. by way of Alexandria. On leaving the train I was lost in amazement at viewing the magnificent station.

After getting away from the hotel porters we inquired our way to the home of a cousin. We stayed with her while her Mother took a trip to Cuba and Puerto Rico.

After resting a while from our long trip on the train our cousin took us out sight seeing. We first went to the Capitol building where we saw Congressional Hall, and the Senate Chamber, also the room of Statuary.

From there we went northeast to the Public Library which is one of the most beautiful building in the world. We then returned to the home of our cousin, but sallied forth again the next day taking a street car for the zoo, where we saw all kinds of wild animals. Those that impressed us most were the big brown bear, the moose, elk and sea walrus.

We then walked out to the Monument which is 555 feet high. We went to the top of it to get a better view of the city. From the Monument we could see the City of Alexandria. Also for many miles along the Potomac river.

The next day we returned to our home near Cootes Store.