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Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

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First Grade


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Clarence Lam, 6
First Grade

I like my teacher.
Margaret Mauck, 7
First Grade

I found some pussy willows.
Goldie Neff, 7
First Grade

I play with little brother.
Alpha Riggleman, 7
First Grade

I feed the chicken.
Woodrow Dunivan, 6
First Grade

My teacher is Miss Grace Dove.
Myrtle Riggleman, 9
First Grade

Miss Ada Baugh is our school supervisor.
Clyde Emswiler, 6
First Grade

My dogs name is Mut.
Charlie Ritchie
First Grade

I will not kill the birds.


Second Grade

Ivalee Myers
Second Grade

Prof. John C. Myers is our superintendent.
Pearl Parks, 7
Second Grade

Warren G. Harding is president of the United States.

Third  Grade

Benny Fulk, 7
Third Grade

Wesem Eland Davis is governor of Virginia

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President Woodrow Wilson
Howard L. Dunivan, 9
Third Grade

Woodrow Wilson was our last president.