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Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

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The School

OUR SCHOOL by Georgia Fulk 12. Cootes Store Graded School is located one fourth mile north of Cootes Store, near the entrance of the historic "Brocks Gap"...
OUR SCHOOL YARD by Ivan Runion 13. Our schoolyard is located about one fourth of a mile north of Cootes Store on a beautiful hill. There are about two acres of ground in the yard... 
chimney rock cootes store 350.jpg (7946 bytes) THE LAND AROUND OUR SCHOOL by Benjamin Turner 15. It is said that we are living in the garden spot of Virginia... 
rock2.jpg (10411 bytes) MY WALK TO SCHOOL by Muriel V. Lam, 13. I have four miles to walk and have to cross one large stream of water, five times...
snow_day.jpg (11350 bytes)  A DAY AT SCHOOL by Esca Emswiler, 11. One snowy morning last winter, one of my schoolmates and I started to school. The snow was hard and slick and we would fall down every step we made.
HOW WE GOT OUR PICTURES by Edna V. Lam 16. It had been the custom for many years in our school for the teachers and pupils to give each other presents at Christmas. This year our teacher suggested that we would give our schoolroom a present instead of giving to each other... 
HOW WE SECURED OUR PICTURE FOR THE SCHOOL by Goldie E. Turner, 9. We secured a very beautiful picture for our School, which we feel proud of. A representative of the Farmer’s Wife came to our school...  .
river ice.jpg (12528 bytes) WHAT I SAW ON MY WAY TO SCHOOL by Stanley Davis, 7. One morning I was going to school. On my way I saw some trees that were covered with ice. They glistened like glass...  
WHY I GO TO SCHOOL by Hazel Parks, 10. I go to school to learn how to read and write and how to make a useful woman...
PATRON’S DAY by Violet V. Turner, 14. Our school gave a Thanksgiving program November the thirteenth, for our Patron’s Day exercise...
OUR SCHOOL by Glenn Emswiler, 16. Before there were any public schools around here, a private school was conducted in the house where Mr. Noah Hoover now lives... 
A SKETCH OF ROBERT E. LEE by Orville E. Jameson, 13. Robert E. Lee was born on the 19 of January at Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1807..  
[The Cootes Store School was closed in 1953, for more information go to: http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/rcps_history/CootesStore.html ]