Evergreen Magazine 
Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

Cootes Store
The Landscape
The Way It Was
The School
Hunting & Fishing
First Graders
The Students
Cootes Home
Cootes & Co.
Family Bible 1
Family Bible 2
Flood of 1936
Cootes Store 1999
Chimney Rock 1999
Gap Rock 1999
Samuel Cootes
Cootes Deeds (1821 to 1881)
1885 Map



Student Roll

Seventh Grade

Glen W. Emswiler
Mark Bowman
Dyer P. Neff
Herman J. Fulk
Benjamin W. Turner
Adam E. Turner
Ivan D. Runion
Edith E. Fulk
Ada M. Andes
Spencer C. Breneman
Katie D. Funkhouser
Susie V. Dunivan
Marie R. Will
Edna V. Lam

Sixth Grade

Zack M. Turner
Orville E. Jameson
Violet V. Turner
Mabel E. Turner
Muriel V. Lam

Fifth Grade

Aldon F. Funkhouser
George F. Turner
David R. Turner
Roy G. Wilt
Benjamin F. Siever
John H. Turner
Geneva S. Siever
Georgia G. Fulk
Leafy M. Runion
Casper Turner


Fourth Grade

Carl Parks
Esca K. Emswiler
Ralph G. Runion
Less C. Runion
Goldie E. Turner
Violet M. Runion
Iva G. Keister
Charlotte Neff
Louise M. Neff
Roxie V. Runion
J. Glenn Glass

Third Grade

George W. May
Leslie J. Runion
Owen E. Runion
Kermit W. Sites
Ivan W. Davis
Howard L. Dunivan
Benny E. Fulk
Lloyd K. Hoover
John L. Turner
Frank H. Turner
Clifford W. Tusing
Virginia T. Faulk
Hazel C. Parks
Ethel M. Ritchie
Willie F. Turner
May S. Turner

Second Grade

Scott D. Fawley
Herman G. Lam
Johnny W. Ritchie
Paul A. Runion
Ruth V. Hizer
Gertie G. Albrite
Ivalee Myers
Pearl D. Parks


First Grade

Raymond D. Albrite
Wilson R. Breneman
Stanley I. Davis
Woodrow L. Dunivan
Clyde F. Emswiler
Ernest C. Fulk
Stuart Harrison Hall
Clarence E. Lam
Charlie C. Ritchie
Alva Riggleman
Dallas V. Crabb
Maxine E. Crabb
Velma M. Hizer
Alpha Riggleman
Margaret V. Mauck
Goldie I. Neff
Myrtle I. Riggleman