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Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

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The Way It was

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POULTRY RAISING by Benjamin F. Siever, 11. Perhaps I can say a few things on poultry raising that will be of interest to its readers. On our home farm we have chickens, turkeys, and ducks..... 
A TRIP FOR CHESTNUTS by Roxie V. Runion, 12. One fine day last summer some of my friends and I went for Chestnuts. We started in the morning about nine o’clock. On our way we had to cross a river in a boat. We had large paddles with which to make the boat go......
homefarm4.jpg (7903 bytes) MY HOME FARM by David Turner, 13. My home farm is located on the South side of North Mountain one and one half miles southwest of Cootes Store.... 
sheep5.jpg (7145 bytes) HOW I SPEND MY EVENINGS by Herman Lam, 8. When I get home from school in the evening I feed the cows and sheep, then I get in my wood and gather the eggs... 
xmas tree2.jpg (9203 bytes) A CHRISTMAS TREE IN OUR CHURCH by Willie F. Turner, 8.
Last Christmas we had a Christmas tree in our church...
THREE TREES THAT I KNOW by John L. Turner, 9. The chestnut tree comes from a chestnut. It grows very big and tall and makes good shade. It has long green leaves and its bloom is long and white...  
HOW I SPEND MY SUMMER VACATION by Ethel M. Ritchie, 9. After school is out I help my mother. When it is warm enough I plant my garden... 
A TRIP TO TIDE SPRING by Iva G. Keister, 13. One day last summer, some of my friends and I went to Tide Spring...
ford2.jpg (7259 bytes) A TRIP TO HARRISONBURG by Violet M. Runion, 9. One fine day last summer some of my friends and I went to Harrisonburg... 
tourmobile.jpg (14579 bytes) A TRIP TO WASHINGTON CITY by Louise M. Neff, 11. On the morning of December 20th, we left Broadway on the 6a.m. train for Washington, arriving at Union Station in the Capital City at 10:30 a.m. by way of Alexandria... 
capitol7_small.jpg (1619 bytes) AN INTERESTING VISIT by Virginia T. Faulk, 8. One time I took a visit to Washington. My mother was with me. It was about the middle of July...