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Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

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Heidelberg Church decorated for Christmas, 1912

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Marie Will 13

It is not often that a little village of about fifty inhabitants has two churches. The names of those at Cootes Store are the Baptist and Reformed.

The Reformed Church was built in 1897. It is a frame building on the bank of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, north of Cootes Store.

There have been five Reformed ministers who served this charge. P. H. Horner was the first pastor. The present one is Mr. N. H. Gravel from Timberville. The other three were Reverends Whitner Plot and Kiefer.

The membership number is forty-five. There is an active Union Sunday School with an enrollment of ninety-six. This is the first winter that the Sunday School has ever been an evergreen school. The United Brethren also preach here. Rev. J. R. Collis from Broadway is the pastor.

The name of this church is Heidelberg. It is in the Timberville charge. Rev. P. H. Horner built the church. It has a large yard and is near the road. There is a beautiful view of the Gap from the church.