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Articles written in 1921 by students of Cootes Store Schoolhouse, Rockingham County, Virginia

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Gap Rock

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Mark Bowman 16

About a half mile west of our school lies a most beautiful range of mountains. It is a part of the Alleghany System. The north fork of the Shenandoah River breaks through this mountain about a mile from here.

The part of the mountain lying on the north side of the river is called Little North Mountain, because it is north of the river. The part on the south is called Turley Mountain. It was named after one of the old settlers of this section.

These two mountains do not look as if they were formed in the same way. The one on the north is almost level in its outline. The part on the south looks like a fluted ruffle. It seems to have not as much timber on it and larger rocks.

Where the river breaks through there is a large ledge of rocks on the north side. This is called the Gap Rock. There are here and there a pine tree growing on this rock. You wonder how they can grow there for there is nothing but rocks all around. At the base of this rock is the state road. This has a wall on the side next to the river, the space only being the width of the road between the rock and the river.

The history of how the Gap got it’s name may be of some interest. It was named after the English General Brock who was sent from Winchester in 1758 to relieve Ft. Seybert W. Va. from an attack made by the Indian Chief Killbuck. He camped both going and coming just inside the Gap. Before this time it was known as West Gap.

The United States government has made a survey and it is reported is contemplating building a dam across the river at [ ] The purpose of this is to form a lake of the country to the west a.....serve water supply for the city of ....hington.

The scenery here is beautiful and people come from a distance to see it. Not more than a quarter of a mile from here is the noted Chimney Rock. These have been mentioned among Virginia’s natural curiosities.