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Rockingham Co DB 9:136 1829

This Indenture made the 21st ?day of September of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine between Abraham Head of the County of Rockingham & State of Virginia of the one part & Samuel Cootes of the same County and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that said Abraham Head for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars to him in hand paid by the said Samuel Cootes the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Samuel Cootes and his heirs two certain tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the county of Rockingham and state of Virginia the first tract lying near Turly Town containing ten acres being part of a larger tract of 117[?] acres first granted to John Lincoln by Patent bearing date June 9 1800[?]. Also with some more other lands and from sd Lincoln conveyed to Abraham & Peter Trissle with some more other lands by Deed dated August the 4th 1819 and from the said Abraham & Peter Trissle to the said David Trisle Senr and from him the said David Trisle senr to Abraham Head dated 30th of March 1822 and.....ded as follows viz: Beginning at a long, white oak Funk & Trisles corner and with the same........to a black oak thence N18 ½ W27 poles to a .....poplar in or near Funks & Trisles line thence........ ten acres S48 1/2E128 poles to a stone in Trisles line and with the same S39W14 ½ poles.........ing ten acres. The second tract containing fifteen acres........Peter Trisles......by John Lincoln & Mary his wife…. and state as the first tract & known by the name of Lincoln’s Mill and bounded as follows viz: beginning at Heatwolds and....Trissels corner at the Big road and ditch for....watering meadow thence N36 ½ E12 poles to a locust stake through part of the orchard to a stone planted thence N36E10 ½ poles to a stone at the upper end of the orchard thence S54 ½ E21 poles through part of the orchard to a stone planted in said orchard thence S36 W21 p & 8 links through part of the orchard crossing the ditch to a locust stake S2 W 5 ½ poles crossing said ditch to a stone near the great road and with the same S59 69 poles to a natural standing rock thence S12 W13 ½ poles crossing the creek below the mill to a stone planted thence S40 poles to a spanish oak thence S40 W 13 ½ poles crossing a branch to a stake near a Sickamore in Cohenans line Thence N57W23 poles to a stone in Cohenans line thence Nwith42 poles to a stake near the bank of the Creek N74W5 ½ poles to a white oak on the South Bank of the Dam. Thence N11E10 poles crossing the mill dam above the frame? to a Sickamore at the Flood Gate thence N54E20 to the road a stake A… and N41W9 poles crossing the road to the beginning containing 15 acres together with all its appurtenances except that the said Cootes is hereby bound to the owners or possessors of the land below him all the privileges of and water rights agreeable to the Bonds existing between John Lincoln and Henry Whisler for water rights recorded in the Clerk’s Office in the County Court of Rockingham except that the said Cootes is only to keep the ditch from the meadow in good order for watering meadow as far down as his upper line crosses it that is the ditch coming from the Mill Race? the said Cootes is to have the privilege of the water to run to his meadow through Trissels or Horns ditch from the upper dam at the upper end of said Horns meadow for watering his meadow three nights in each week that is on Saturday night Sunday night & Thursday nights said Cootes is to help to clean said ditch when its wanting for the use of said water the said Cootes doth grant privilege of the Bank Mill Dam in the said Cootes land being kept up as high as it is now it is further agreed by the parties said Cootes and them below him that the road below said dam is to be kept open below said parties for each to go to their lands over the creek it is further agreed that & by these parties that said Head is to allow said Cootes a road to his land which said Cootes purchased of said Head To have and to hold the said two within mentioned tracts of land with all its appurtenances with the exceptions and privileges aforesaid with the said Samuel and his heirs to the sole use and behoof of him the said Samuel Cootes and his hers and assignees for ever and the said Abraham Head for himself and his heirs doth covenant with the said Samuel Cootes and his heirs that the said land with all its appurtenances except as before mentioned reserved until the said Samuel Cootes and his heirs against the claim or claims of all persons whatsoever will forever warrant and defend. In witness whereof the said Abraham Head has hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written. Abraham Head