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Rockingham County DB 11:410 1834 (Incomplete deed)

The Indenture made the first day of March 1834 between Samuel Cootes of the County of Rockingham & state of Virginia of the one part and Thomas McCullough of the County of Augusta and state aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that whereas George Shepler Sr & Elizabeth his wife and George Shepler jr & Elizabeth his wife by their certain Indenture bearing date the 8th September 1827 and admitted to record in the Clerks Office of the County Court of Rockingham on the 29th day of November 1827 did grant bargain sell & convey to the said Samuel Cootes two certain tracts or parcels of land situate lying & being in the County of Rockingham & State of Virginia and on the North fork of the Shenandoah River one of those tracts contains twenty one acres and is bounded as follows To wit Beginning at a white oak, corner to Funks land. Thence up the River S48 1/2W70 poles to a stake thence N34 1/2W27 poles to a spanish oak stump near the River S38 1/2W35 ˝ poles to a stone set up S46E98 poles to a black oak on Funk’s line and with the same N35 1/2E35 ˝ poles to the beginning. The other of those tracts is situate lying and being adjacent to the tract described and is bounded as follows to wit Beginning at a white oak and cedar by a Branch below the Mill. Thence up the River with a line of the said twenty one acre tract N48 ˝ West 28 poles to two white oaks N48E11 poles crossing the River above the Dam to a point of rocks. Thence down the River south 58 1/2E20 poles to an ash to the acre of ground which was laid of the Mill under a unit of ? and thence south 28 west 35 poles adjoining the River to the beginning. The last mentioned & described tract contains two acres and sixteen poles in the said tracts of land there is a Grist & saw mill which tracts or parcels of land with all and singular their appurtenances were conveyed to the said Samuel Cootes in trust with power and authority to sell & dispose of the same for the purposes in the said Indenture of Trust mentioned & expressed. And the said Samuel Cootes in execution of the said Trust according to the requisitions & provisions and at the request of the creditor having previously advertised the time & place as required by the said Indenture did on the first day of March 1834 at Turley Town in the County of Rockingham expose the said lands & appurtenances to sale at public auction and on the following terms (at the request of the creditor) one third in cash when the land was struck off one third in six months and the balance in twelve months and the said Thomas McCullough being the highest bidder at the sum of eight hundred dollars became the purchaser of the said land & appurtenances