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Will of Samuel L. Cootes 1792-1882

I Saml Cootes of the County of Rockingham and State of Virginia being of sound mind and memory hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following

First, it is my wish and so order that my sons John Graham & Benjamin Franklin Cootes, take charge of all my worldly effects real & personal of every description with full power to dispose of and convey the same in any manner they may decree most expedient, paying my funeral expenses and my just debts therefrom, after this being done, I give to my sons John G. and Benj. F. all the remaining portions of my estate real & personal. If my estate should exceed in cash value over ten thousand dollars sufficient to pay over to Anne Moore daughter of Dr. Reuben Moore eight hundred dollars in property or money provision is to be made to secure that amount to her at six percent annually during her maidenhood if she marries she is to have that amt in property secured to her at fair valuation in a year or two after her marriage. I give to Franklin P. Moore & Ella Burkholder one hundred & fifty dollars each, to be secured to them in the same that Annie Moores is ordered to be done. I will here remark that Dr. Reuben Moore the Father of Annie, Franklin & Ella, has received from me in and about as much as my other children will realize from my estate, and Dr. R. Moores children above named being the only blood relation of Dr. John W. Moore, Brother of Reuben Moore, the said J.W. Moore being wealthy he will, as to be reasonably expected give the bulk of his Estate to his brothers children, in that event they would be better provided than my own sons, I therefore order that none of the provisions above made for D. R. Moores children are to be carried out until the will and bequests are known by D. John W. Moores Will, and if he bequeaths any estate to the children of Dr. R Moores, then the provision in this will are not to be carried out in regard to Dr. Moores children. My Sons will when they take charge the estate make a fair and equitable division of the property real & personal between them and as my son John has a large family and furnished provision my account to Dr. R. Moores family for about one thousand dollars he ought in the division have about that sum added to him from the gross amt & the balance equally divided to which I hope Franklin will not object. If any difference should occur between my sons I desire them to call in a friend to adjust the matter between them, but I do not apprehend anything of this kind. I hereby constitute and appoint my sons John G. Cootes & Benjamin F. Cootes executors of this my last will and testament with power to make and execute deeds and all things necessary to be done, in carrying out the provisions of this my will. Given under my hand and seal this 5th day of June in the year of our lord 1872.

No security to be given as executors. Samuel Cootes (Seal)

In Rockingham Court for Probate September 1882

WB 3:222


[Note: Margaret Cootes, daughter of Samuel, married Reuben Moore Nov. 6, 1835. One of their children was Ella (Samuella) who married Newton M. Burkholder July 27, 1865]