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These Cootes deeds (1829-1881) are for informational purposes only. All should be verified with the original copies, many are incomplete. 
A few of John G. Cootes’ deeds have been included because of Cootes Store names. 
Corrections are always welcome.

Page 1: 1829 to 1839
Page 2: 1840 to 1849
Page 3: 1851 to 1881 

1851- Saml Cootes and Paulina C. Cootes his wife of the County of Rockingham and State of Virginia of the one part and Anderson Runion of the County and State afsd of the other part, witnesseth that the said Saml Cootes and Paulina C. his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of ninety nine dollars and eighty seven and half cents the receipt whereof...
1853- Giles Devier Plaintiff as officer………..the lands of Levi Shoemaker to sale for the benefit of Judg………and the said Shoemaker as Defendant it was adjudged…………..decreed that certain parcels of lands for description of which belonging to said Shoemaker be exposed to public sale.....
1855- Samuel Cootes and Paulina his wife of the one part and John Q. Winfield of the other part. Whereas John Q. Winfield claims that the said Samuel Cootes and Paulina his wife as the Executors of the estate of Leonard Neff decd, the prior husband of Mrs. Cootes are indebted to him by virtue of his intermarriage with Sallie the daughter of the said Leonard Neff in a considerable sum of money....
1855- John Q Winfield of the one part & Samuel Cootes and Paulina his wife of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Winfield promises and agrees in the event the said Cootes dies Mrs. Cootes...
1855- John Q. Winfield principal in the obligation and Richard Winfield as his security bind themselves in the event the said Mrs. Cootes………shall survive her husband the said Saml Cootes to...
1856- Corban W. Miller the 2nd day of August 1843 in order to secure the payment of the sum of two hundred dollars & sixty five dollars to the sd Samuel Harper dec by deed of trust of that date convey to the said John Mathias his heirs executor administrators & assigns the following property...
1856- Samuel Cootes and Paulina C. his wife……unty of Rockingham and State of Virginia of the……….Adam Liese of the county and state afsd of the oth……..nesseth that the said Saml Cootes and Paulina C. h……….and in consideration of three hundred dollars....
1876- in consideration of the Sum of One Dollar in hand paid the Recd whereof is hereby acknowledged the Said John G. Cootes & Louisa C. his wife doth grant, bargain & sell to the Said Henry Whisler a House & Lot containing one acre it being a part of the Land....
1877- John G. Cootes of the County of Rockingham and State of Virginia, being a householder and head of a family, do hereby declare my intention in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 183 of the Code of Virginia edition of 1873, to claim a homestead in the real and personal property owned by me....
1881- John G. Cootes and Louisa C., his wife, had granted and conveyed the tract of land hereinafter mentioned and described to the said Henry Whisler and whereas the said and was not recorded until the 15th day ...